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<a href="http://www.tongyatrailer.com/s....anitation-vehicle/\& Sanitation Vehicle</a> Product introduction
Wet road sweeper is a newly launched environmentally friendly wet road sweeper. It adopts a full range of water spraying and dust reduction, a four-brush center + rear suction cup layout. With no dust at work and great suction power, it is especially suitable for mechanized cleaning and cleaning operations of expressways, ring roads, urban trunk roads, airports, and docks.
Product description
The control switches of 10m3 sweeper truck are installed centrally in the cab, and all electronic control operations can be completed in the cab equipped with heating and cooling air conditioning. The working device of 10m3 sweeper truck is arranged in the "four center brushes + rear suction cups". The brushes can be cleaned closely to the roadside. The brushes have the function of anti-collision and automatic reset, and the left and right brushes can be operated independently or in conjunction. To meet customer requirements for different road sections銆俆he centrifugal clutch of 10m3 sweeper truck is used between the auxiliary machine and the fan: to ensure that the auxiliary machine is automatically disconnected from the fan when it starts and stops.Customized Sanitation Vehicle