List of the best sex doll manufacturers brands in 2022

Note: The sex doll brands on this list are those that only produce high quality original dolls, no knock off brands here.

Note: The sex doll brands on this list are those that only produce high quality original dolls, no knock off brands here.

WM Doll

Headquartered in China, WM Doll is one of the largest and most well-known manufacturers of realistic sex dolls. The company strives to innovate high quality sex dolls and is constantly exploring new ways to reproduce human skin as realistically as possible. It is known for its wide range of models, realistic designs and soft skins.

Features of the WM Sex Doll:

The Most Popular TPE Sex Doll Brands
Wide range of body and head shapes to choose from
Designed for western customers

SE Doll

Established in 2016, SE Dolls is not only an online retailer but also a multinational company with main manufacturing base in Shenzhen, China. It has 2 global business offices in USA and China where it designs and manufactures innovative gel toys and highly-realized sex dolls.

YL Doll

YL Dolls is one of the quality manufacturers. Since 2013, they have been making life-size TPE sex dolls that are harmless and eco-friendly. The YL sex doll is constructed with a stainless steel skeleton that is very flexible and swingable. Their team consists of excellent designers and production staff.

Features of YL Sex Doll

Ideal for cosplay lovers with unique doll heads like vampires and elves

The heads and bodies of WM DOLL dolls are interchangeable

136cm Blonde Long Hair Wheat Color Petite And Cute Realistic Sex Dolls WM Doll

Irontech Doll

Irontech Doll, one of the leading manufacturers of TPE sex dolls, has been making original creations with passion for over 5 years. All Irontech dolls are beautifully designed with amazing features and incredible detail. Irontech dolls also now come with M16 neck and body connectors, making them fully compatible with WM, YL and SE dolls.

6YE Doll

Premium 6YE Sex Dolls is one of the pioneers in manufacturing realistic TPE sex dolls. Their dolls are known for high quality, affordable prices and a wide range. The latest features of the 6YE lifelike love doll include an improved high-quality TPE formula and a new skeleton for added flexibility and ultra-realistic poses.

HR Doll

HR Doll is a well-known manufacturer of realistic sex dolls, registered and verified on TDF. They have been committed to the business philosophy of "integrity, quality, service first". HR doll is made of medical TPE material, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, super realistic. They are known for their lifelike TPE sex dolls and full silicone head designs, all of which are awesome and unique to the HR Sex Doll brand.

Sanhui Doll

Sanhui Doll is one of the world's leading silicone sex doll manufacturers. They have always been committed to providing customers with the most realistic, safe, high quality and durable dolls. SANHUI dolls are all made of medical grade platinum silicone imported from Japan, which feels like human skin. Stainless steel frame padded with soft eco-friendly foam, durable and fully articulated.


Zelex is also a new brand on TDF with WAXDOLL (Silicone) and AXB Doll (TPE). Zelex silicone dolls look unique and lifelike. The wax sculpture gives the doll a fiery body and an angelic face. In recent years, their silicone sex dolls have become very popular with Western customers.