What is Deepsukebe?

Deepsukebe described itself as an 'AI-leveraged nudifier' on its now-defunct Twitter feed

Deepsukebe described itself as an 'AI-leveraged nudifier' on its now-defunct Twitter feed. It claims that the phony photographs it creates are not saved, but it does have an 'incentive programme' that compensates people who share links to their deepfakes. Users that receive enough clicks on their images can 'nudify' more images faster, the Daily Mail reported. Users can also pay a monthly fee in cryptocurrency to get around the two-hour photo limit.



Upon opening its website, Deepsukebe's privacy policy popup message states: "Your uploaded picture will be automatically deleted from our server. You can choose to delete your picture instantly after nudification." The website states that one can "nudify everything". "Bikinis, Dresses, Coats and More!  Accurate Color, Size, and Shape!  Cover Diverse People," it specifies. It adds that the pictures are processed at a "lightning fast speed" of under 15 seconds. It adds that the users can be completely anonymous, not having to sign up for the website in any capacity.



However, it does have a pricing plan based on API quota. One API is for $0.15, 100 for $9.99 and 500 APIs for $39.99. Application programming interfaces, or APIs, simplify software development and innovation by enabling applications to exchange data and functionality easily and securely. API quotas usually describe a certain amount of calls for longer intervals. In free mode, one can get only limited downloads every few hours. The website states that it currently supports only cryptocurrencies as a payment method.



Describing their app, the website states "revealing truth hidden under clothing." It adds: "More powerful in that covering diverse clothing and womens [sic]. This has been achieved by building state of the art AI model [sic]." It adds, under three pointers, that the company "especially required" "millions of data, years of research", and "months of AI model training". Ominously, it added: "So DeepSukebe was born by burning huge time money. [sic] At last, the dream that humans have long desired came true." The app is "available on all devices - Desktop/Tablet/Android/iOS." The company's logo is a star with an eye in the middle, with the slogan, "We seek truth, we strip fakes, we deny lies."

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