Go Viral in just 3 Steps with Sensual and Soothing Voices

Speechmax is indian tts for Hindi Text to Voice Converter to generate lively voices. It converts text to speech indian languages and result in amazing voice overs.

Do you know what makes the listeners go crazy when they hear a voiceover artist? The deep, sensuous and appealing voice. Yes, people love to hear a deep and soothing voice while communicating or listening to an audio. Such appealing voices bind the listeners for long and encourage them to pursue actions in your favour There are many software and text to voice online solutions available to bring a sensuous flavour to your voiceover. When you do a business, a sensual and soothing voiceover will help to make it easier for you to get the nod of others. With a brilliantly sound voice artist, you can encourage the audience to choose you over your competitors. But do you know how much a voiceover artist charges? Is it worth hiring a voiceover artist for that cost? Let's know... A voiceover artist charges starts from $110.19/ 5 minutes for a non-broadcast such as corporate films or AVs. For broadcast television shows and films, the voiceover artists charge a minimum $413.22 per 30 minutes of a single episode. Apart from the voiceover artist charge, you may have to pay the studio as well. Even on popular cheap freelance platforms like Fivver, the voice over for mere 200 words can cost up to more than Rs 2,600. This cost will further increase if you include copyright charges, proofreading the script and revisions. Now that you know the cost one needs to ingest to get the influencing and appealing voice that grabs listeners' attention. So, to eliminate this heavy cost, the best option is that you can choose text to voice online platforms to generate professional human-like deep voices. There are several solutions possible online for free text to speech, but do you know the best speech synthesizer? It's SpeechMax. Yes. The only prominent solution provider that offers free text to speech online with unlimited audio conversions that supports different speaking styles as well.

Why a Voice Over Create All the Difference in the World

When we talk about voiceover, is it really necessary to introduce background voices to your visuals? Undoubtedly, yes. The voiceover adds a quick exposition to your video profiling and creates an intimate look of the character in listeners' minds. A voiceover exhibits the information in a manner that conveys a clear picture with authenticity. A sensuous voiceover narration can also ensure that mood, tone, and other indirect messages are preserved to attract audiences. Voice overs are commonly used to drive plotlines, storytelling, and offer to build identity. Voiceover enables the visual composition of the film to create a stronger connection between the viewer and the effect by stimulating feelings and formulating descriptions. Voiceover really creates a difference by presenting clarification of the visual context and allowing viewers to better appreciate the details conveyed. This has completely changed the way the audience absorbs the information through video. Creating voiceover was never so easy and cost-friendly ever before the new uber-trendy technology of free text to voice online was introduced. SpeechMax has been contributing to save your time and money with the utmost voice quality and text to speech online free unlimited offerings. SpeechMax is designed with a spectacular technology that resorts to the Hindi audiences with vivid voice quality and speaking styles options that suit your needs for the voiceover. This text to voice free solution provider assists the user to quickly generate a human-like voice in less than a minute. Its different speaking styles bring a definite change to your boring and mono sounding text or content. SpeechMax has multiple narrative styles like happy, sad, and excited to accommodate your content with more captivating and alluring elements. To make your business activities more appealing, you can adapt SpeechMax free text to speech solutions to your communication and create videos to make your content go viral with crazy impressions and magical insights. It genuinely provides the user with an actual human-like sounding that helps in lowering the workload and improves efficiency with no cost investment.


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