#BabaKaDhaba – The Unforgiving Reality Behind Kanta Prasad's Viral Video

#BabaKaDhaba - The Harsh Reality Behind Kanta Prasads Viral Video. Baba Ka Dhaba फेमस हो गया. बाबा का ढाबा - पीछे की कहानी

The pandemic has influenced everybody's lives except for a few, it is substantially more serious than others. There are numerous who have borne the brunt of this emergency seriously and among them are the few road merchants like Baba ka Dhaba.

A video displaying such a predicament of an older couple in Delhi circulated around the web, following which, something great occurred. Individuals, from all over the state – and even past, began approaching to help the couple by visiting their restaurant named Baba Ka Dhaba or giving cash.

Individuals are likewise asking others to do likewise by sharing posts utilizing the hashtag #BabaKaDhaba.

Baba Ka Dhaba – Some place in Delhi's South (Malviya Nagar), a two or three sells suppers from a small shop (Home Cooked), making barely enough to purchase for recently's food or not even that. They have done this for right around 30 years.

Last, to the previous evening, the adventure of their diligent effort, battle, and the aftermath in the Covid emergency circulated around the web via web-based media stages, moving a large number of powerhouses, pastors, famous people, cricketers, and even corporates.

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